Make Homemade Soap
Shea and Cocoa Butter Homemade Soap

Learn how to make homemade soap, your skin will thank you.

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This soap is wonderful smelling as well as Peppermint oil contains numerous minerals and nutrients including

Learn how to make homemade soap and start having fun making created recipes.

Make Homemade Soap » Getting back to the basics
Besides being fun, making your soap at home can provide many benefits to your skin. Most of our commercially bought soaps can leave your skin dry and itchy due to the harsh chemicals they use. Making our soaps at home allows us to control exactly what goes into it, so we know what our family is using day after day on there sensitive skin.

Learn how to make homemade soap and start controlling what your family puts on their skin.

Essential Oil Soap: Introduction and Safety
Essential oils are commonly used to give a soap therapeutic properties, specifically aromatherapy. The scent of these oils can calm, invigorate, relax, and soothe a person while they enjoy their bath. Oils are also often used to give the soap a property that will add to the benefits of the consumer. For example, tea tree oil, which carries anti-bacterial properties can help make a soap naturally anti-bacterial. It can also make the soap ideal for treating acne.

Learn how to make homemade soap or access a list of essential oils uses.

Article: Making Money With Soap Making

Making Money With Soap Making

Another great trick to stand out from the pack is to focus on a targeted market. You could make very gentle soaps suitable for babies and display a sign with your soap attracting mothers/fathers to buy your special baby soap. Also you could go online to forums and baby orientated websites and get your business and your soap well known.

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Learn how to make homemade soap and lots of soap making tips!
Where To Buy Lye For Soap Making » Make Homemade Soap
If you’ve tried to make homemade soap before, you know how difficult it is to find 100% lye (sodium hydroxide) locally. Due to new regulations, lye has been taken off the shelf of nearly all retail stores and can lead you down a road of frustration if you don’t know where to look.

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Handmade Soaps - Fun Hobby That Can Be Packaged and Sold

Learn how to make homemade soap, it’s a fun hobby and you can easily be packaged to sell at your local market.

Soap Making Tips – Helping to Keep You Safe and Saving Time
Making homemade soap can be fun and rewarding, it also can be complicated and dangerous without proper knowledge.

Learn how to make homemade soap safely at

Rainbow Stacker Soaps | Soap Making Ideas

Have some fun and learn how toaaaamake homemade soap.

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Estes, who now has one employee in addition to herself, said soap-making began as a hobby and developed into a business when she put her soaps out for sale at a local craft show and was amazed at the response. So she started selling at more craft shows.

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Learn how to make homemade soap.